Preschool/Pre-K Program

3 Years Old- 5 Years Old

Our Preschool Program makes sure to prepare your child for Kindergarten and beyond!
We strive to make learning fun and provide plenty of fun, engaging ways for your child
to learn. We will continually give confidence to our children’s social growth by allowing them to be active and creatively explore their own ideas and thoughts. Our staff will help kids become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners.

Our Preschool Curriculum

Our Preschool Curriculum is a unique experience for each child based on their learning needs. They build the essential skills needed for the world of Kindergarten. We foster an environment where the desire to learn and gain meaningful experiences is encouraged.

This year, our Preschoolers are following a Letter of the Week curriculum. They do crafts, sensory projects, cooking activities, science experiments, writing practice, number awareness, and much, much more relating to the letter they are currently learning about!

Developmental Skills Acquired

Early Literacy Skills (Letter Recognition, Letter Sounds, CVC Words, Sight Words, Print Awareness, Comprehension Skills and Strategies, Letter Writing and Formation)
Early Math Skills (Number Recognition, 1:1 Counting, Verbal Counting, Simple Addition and Subtraction, Hands-On Story Problem Solving)
Developing personal relationships with peers and adults.
Cooperative Play.
Self-awareness and self-control.
Fine Motor Skills Related to Writing/Cutting/Gluing etc.

Our Favorite Activities

Writing Journals.
Educational Games on the Computer.
Outdoor Play.
Story Time.
Circle Time.
Hands-on Activities.
Building and Creating.
Sensory Play.
Nature Walks.

Our Teachers

Ms. Kassidy

Ms. Nicole

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