Our Wonderful Staff

Our Wonderful Staff


Karen is the current owner of CDLC Day School. She bought the company in 2007 while working as a Nurse. Providing a safe, healthy, and clean environment for children to learn and play in has always been a passion of hers. She majorly remodeled the building in 2009 to make it what it is today.

During COVID, she worked hard to ensure the company was able to continue to stay afloat while providing childcare and jobs for those who needed it most.


Ms. Jen is our Pre-K Teacher and has worked at CDLC for 26 years. She loves taking the children on nature walks, playing outside, and setting up photoshoots for the children! She works hard to get them all ready for Kindergarten. When she is not working, she loves trying out different restaurants and spending time with her two children.


Carrie is our lead two year old teacher! She has worked with children for over 22 years. Her experience makes her a great fit to run the two year old room. She is great with parent communication, which is especially important when it comes to potty-training! Her favorite part about working with kids is watching them grow and learn new things. Her favorite thing to do outside of work is to spend time with her kids and family.


Heather is one of our floats that gets to spend time in every classroom. She has been working with kids for nearly nineteen years! Her favorite thing about working with children is watching them watch others and seeing how they learn to do the same things. When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her family.


Kaitlin is one of our Infant teachers. She is all about working towards those important milestones! She loves talking to the babies during tummy time and encouraging them to strengthen those muscles! When she is not working, she enjoys nature trails and photography!


Sian works in our Infant/Toddler room and has been with CDLC for more than 3 years. She has experience with each age group. She loves reading with the children and singing songs. She also loves doing Splash Day with the children during the Summer and other water activities. When she is not working, she loves to travel.


Daphne currently works with our youngest in the school. She has many years of experience and worked previously as a nanny. She is working on her degree in Early Childhood Development. She loves helping the children reach their developmental milestones and does a great job communicating these with parents. When she is not working, she loves baking, crafting, playing board games, and spending time with her four children.


Angelina currently works in on our Infant/Toddler side of the building. She has recently moved to the area after nannying for three years! She has worked with kids for most of her life and she loves it! Her favorite thing to do at work is teaching the children new things and answer their many questions. When she is not working she enjoys art and music.

Mary Clare

Mary Clare is our Social Media Manager. She previously worked as our Pre-K Teacher for seven years before moving to Springfield, MO. Her favorite thing to do with the children was art projects and writing practice. When she is not working, she enjoys trying out new recipes and gaming.

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